Friday, May 6, 2011

last chance

i can't believe tomorrow is actually prom... i feel as if grade 12 just started a couple months ago. anyways, i wasn't initially very excited about it, cause i know a lot of people get hyped up for this thing that doesn't meet their expectations. i'm going into it positive though, just gotta keep in mind it's the very last highschool dance i'll ever go to! NEXT TO THE DANCE...(best part) is the after party.. which is my main excitement! i'm tenting it out so i can drink until i pass out haha.. man, i have so much to do tomorrow it's unreaal! i probably should be in bed right now but obviously i had too much on my mind.. ps; i hope the dinner at prom doesn't suck because i'm also looking forward to that. i'm curious if drama goes down even though i hope it doesn't. unless it's fun to watch then maybe it woould be ok. i'm getting bored of this and kind of rambling so i'm gunna end this...


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


i'm so tired right now i don't even know how i'm writing this.. my eyes are burning!
it's only 7:00 and i still gotta get my english essay organized for tomorrow... fuck. i also had spartan training today for fitness class along with soccer practice. hence me being pooched....
anyways, lately all i can think about it summer and how badly i want it to come! there's so much stuff i wanna do i get friggen butterflies just thinkin' about it. here's some for example..

- rent out a cottage with the west brant crew
- booze potluck (prob best idea ever)
- go camping with wb people
- canada day @ lions park (kim mitchell!!)
- go to the beach a lot!
- party
- lots of fires
- other good shit you do in the summer (including being lazy as hell)

as much as i'm getting sick of school, i need to make sure i don't lose my concentration,
even though i'm so unmotivated. i guess writing on here will help 'cause it'll remind me of goals and all that kinda stuff people post in blogs.. anyways.. maybe i'll start that english

- ash