Tuesday, April 19, 2011


i'm so tired right now i don't even know how i'm writing this.. my eyes are burning!
it's only 7:00 and i still gotta get my english essay organized for tomorrow... fuck. i also had spartan training today for fitness class along with soccer practice. hence me being pooched....
anyways, lately all i can think about it summer and how badly i want it to come! there's so much stuff i wanna do i get friggen butterflies just thinkin' about it. here's some for example..

- rent out a cottage with the west brant crew
- booze potluck (prob best idea ever)
- go camping with wb people
- canada day @ lions park (kim mitchell!!)
- go to the beach a lot!
- party
- lots of fires
- other good shit you do in the summer (including being lazy as hell)

as much as i'm getting sick of school, i need to make sure i don't lose my concentration,
even though i'm so unmotivated. i guess writing on here will help 'cause it'll remind me of goals and all that kinda stuff people post in blogs.. anyways.. maybe i'll start that english

- ash

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